Project Bluebook

Unidentified hostile lifeforms have appeared over countless cities without warning.
Project Bluebook has been restored.
Pilot your mech.

Project Bluebook is a unique interactive experience that puts focus on making decisions in high-stake situations through learning and mastery of its complex set of controls.

The game utilizes an intricate custom controller created using Arduino, which players must master and become familiar with in order to succeed in this unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Project Bluebook is designed to be an exhibition piece that people can experience for a prolonged period of time or just for quick play session.


Programming, 3D, Arduino, Game Design, Sound Design by Trent Davies

3D, Monster Design, Controller Construction, Sound Design, UI, Game Design by Adrian Satrianugraha

Arduino, Controller Construction by Barnaby RW, and Chad Toprak.

Logo and Graphic Design by Harry McCullough

Special thanks to Louis Roots and PlayReactive Theatre for providing construction space and tools.

Created in Unity, available on Windows with custom hardware.