Collect power charges! Hold them as you move to gain points or deposit them in the nearby power deposits to gain more speed.

[SEQUEL] is the final submission for a ‘game-a-week’ class that I had while studying my Bachelor of Design (Games). This particular project was designed as a sequel (under the theme ‘sequel’) to one of my older games, and emphasises and builds on top of what made that first iteration interesting and engaging. It is also an attempt at experimenting with Unity’s built-in camera effects and the retro sci-fi aesthetic.

Latest version of the game can be downloaded here.

[SEQUEL] screencap1 *720p

[SEQUEL] screencap1 **720p

[SEQUEL] screencap1 ***720p


Design, Art, & Programming by Adrian Satrianugraha

Music by Makeup and Vanity Set – It’s Our Rules Now

Created in Unity.