SPLITSCREEN is a series of video documentaries created in order to bring exposure to local independent developers or people connected to the game scene in Melbourne, Australia. We are looking to give a voice to people who haven’t yet had the platform to do so, to talk about their work and the current games scenes in and around Melbourne.

Drinking, Custom Controllers and Playful Media with Louie Roots” is the episode i edited, and is the one that i was in charge of. It is the second episode and puts focus on an individual that runs one of the most beloved and well-known social/play space here in Melbourne!

Camera, Lighting, Editing, Research and Writing Lead by Trent Davies

Interviewer, Script by Daniel Roberts

Camera, Editing, Research, Writing by Adrian Satrianugraha

Additional help by Simon Tran

Need Ya Feat. Aela Kae by Kailo, featured in “Drinking, Custom Controllers and Playful Media with Louie Roots

Created in After Effects and iMovie.