A collection of on-going, digital creative pieces that experiments with, and is inspired by my interest in the Retrofuturism and VHS aesthetic as well as my penchant for the giant monster genre. Being a passion project, this collection serves as a study of complex and organic formations as well as the various VFX options available in Unity (and the Unity store). 怪獣, or “Kaiju“, which is Japanese for Strange Beast, is the central theme of this collection. The pieces themselves focus on the heads of the Kaiju because they are a vital part of their distinctiveness, which makes each and every one of them memorable.

kaiju1 (1080)
kaiju2 (1080)
Kaiju3 (1080)


The pieces utilise different colours and elements, e.g. the square and diamond shapes, to set their own identity in accordance with the design of the subject (the head). This creates different moods and sets each subject apart from one another despite having a singular theme around them.

3D Model Viewer

Models made in Maya and uploaded to Sketchfab

Concept Artwork

Below are concept art that inspired and set the basis for the 3D models

(Done on paper with pencil and brush pen, and on Procreate)